> sendsetup is to prevent the driver from sending a specific USB control
> message for setting up serial parameters, which some devices ignore and
> cause the driver to stall.
> reserved is what you're looking for.  This one tells option not to bind to the
> given USB interfaces.
> So for example, ".reserved = BIT(3)" tells the option driver to ignore USB
> interface 3 on that device.  ".reserved = BIT(3) | BIT(5)" tells it to ignore 
> both
> interfaces 3 and 5.
> For your device, you'll want to set "reserved" in option.c to all the 
> interfaces
> that qmi_wwan is going to claim, to make sure option doesn't claim them.
> option by default is a greedy driver.

Thanks for the clear description. I will proceed accordingly and as soon as I 
have tested, I will submit the patch.


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