Sandeep Singh <ssin...@amd.com> writes:
> On 8/4/2017 4:44 PM, Felipe Balbi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sandeep Singh <sandeep.si...@amd.com> writes:
>>> From: Sandeep Singh <sandeep.si...@amd.com>
>>> Certain HP keyboards would keep inputting a character automatically which
>>> is the wake-up key after S3 resume
>>> On some AMD platforms USB host fails to respond (by holding resume-K) to
>>> USB device (an HP keyboard) resume request within 1ms (TURSM) and ensures
>>> that resume is signaled for at least 20 ms (TDRSMDN), which is defined in
>>> USB 2.0 spec. The result is that the keyboard is out of function.
>>> In SNPS USB design, the host responds to the resume request only after
>>> system gets back to S0 and the host gets to functional after the internal
>>> HW restore operation that is more than 1 second after the initial resume
>>> request from the USB device.
>>> As a workaround for specific keyboard ID(HP Keyboards), applying port reset
>>> after resume when the keyboard is plugged in.
>>> Signed-off-by: Sandeep Singh <sandeep.si...@amd.com>
>>> Signed-off-by: Shyam Sundar S K <shyam-sundar....@amd.com>
>>> cc: Nehal Shah <nehal-bakulchandra.s...@amd.com>
>> seems correct now:
>> Reviewed-by: Felipe Balbi <felipe.ba...@linux.intel.com>
> Greg, Any feedback on this patch.?

Mathias is the xHCI maintainer. He just came back from vacations, give
him some time ;-)


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