struct usb_serial_device has probe and attach callbacks. After attach
is invoked, device minor numbers are allocated and then registered with
driver core. So attach callback doesn't know minor number.

Can a usb-serial driver know about device minor number as soon as it is
registered with driver core?

This is what I'm trying to do. As soon as user plugs in usb-serial
device with particular vendor id and product id, my usb-serial driver
is loaded which then gets notified of minor device number when the
device is registered. At that time, this usb-serial driver will pass
that information to another kernel module (speakup) which knows
everything else needed to deal with that device.

The end goal is to automatically load speakup with correct params, i.e.
major and minor device numbers, as soon as a supported usb device is
plugged in. We want to do this all inside kernel and without having
the user to set up things in user space.

Also, apart from above method, if there is some other way to achieve
this then please suggest.

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