On 8/11/17 6:10 PM, Wei Wang wrote:
> I think we have a potential fix for this issue.
> Martin and I found that when addrconf_dst_alloc() creates a rt6, it is
> possible that rt6->dst.dev points to loopback device while
> rt6->rt6i_idev->dev points to a real device.
> When the real device goes down, the current fib6 clean up code only
> checks for rt6->dst.dev and assumes rt6->rt6i_idev->dev is the same.
> That leaves unreleased refcnt on the real device if rt6->dst.dev
> points to loopback dev.

Yes, host routes and anycast routes.

I have a patch to fix that but it is held up on a few VRF test cases
failing. Hopefully I can get that figured out next week. These unrelated
routes against the loopback device have been a source of a number of
problems (e.g. take down 'lo' and all of IPv6 networking stops for that
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