> We don't do github pull requests for the kernel, please see the long
> text response in that request for how to do it properly.
> Heck, we don't even use github :)

I know, found it out the hard way 😉

> > However, that wasn't enough. The device still isn't loaded properly.
> What do you mean by "not loaded properly"?
> What specific errors are reported?  And what kernel version are you
> using?

Kernel version is 4.9.68 (https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux , commit 
d5a3b4cab0c8eacc93e58cfa1bdbd259399caedd), the wTotalLength calc error is 
present in latest version also 

Error is simply "This device cannot start. (Code 10)", with an excerpt from 

    sto:                     {Configure Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)}
     dvi:                     Install Device: Configuring device class. 
     dvi:                     Install Device: Configuring device class 
completed. 15:36:08.038
     dvi:                     Device Status: 0x01806400, Problem: 0x1 
     dvi:                     Install Device: Starting device 
'USB\VID_1D6B&PID_0104\DEADBEEF00115599'. 15:36:08.045
     dvi:                     Install Device: Starting device completed. 
!!!  dvi:                     Device not started: Device has problem: 0x0a 
(CM_PROB_FAILED_START), problem status: 0xc0440025.

Using the TDD tool (http://www.thesycon.de/eng/usb_descriptordumper.shtml) I 
can see that the patch fixed the problem with wTotalLength, and now I can't see 
anything that looks suspicious.


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