Robert Bielik <robert.bie...@dirac.com> writes:
>> "Wait, never mind โ€“ I recognize that failing status code. usbaudio2.sys is
>> complaining that you have an asynchronous data OUT endpoint but it canโ€™t
>> find a corresponding feedback endpoint."
>> Unfortunately I have no idea what that means. Yet ๐Ÿ˜Š , but putting it out 
>> there
>> in case someone else does.
> https://doc.micrium.com/display/DOC/Audio+Class+Overview#AudioClassOverview-FeedbackEndpoint
> It seems such a feedback endpoint is now required by the standard:
> "The USB 2.0 specification states that if isochronous OUT data
> endpoint uses the asynchronous synchronization, an isochronous
> feedback endpoint is needed."

We actually have both EP IN and EP OUT on the UAC2 function:

    272:static struct usb_endpoint_descriptor fs_epout_desc = {
    282:static struct usb_endpoint_descriptor hs_epout_desc = {
    349:static struct usb_endpoint_descriptor fs_epin_desc = {
    359:static struct usb_endpoint_descriptor hs_epin_desc = {

Something else may be going bad. Try to get some debugging messages from
your USB controller. I think rPi uses dwc2, so you need to recompile
your kernel with CONFIG_USB_DWC2_DEBUG=y and
CONFIG_USB_DWC2_VERBOSE=y. Then capture all the logs and send it as a
reply here.


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