Robert Bielik <robert.bie...@dirac.com> writes:
>> >> I guess UAC1 doesn't need feedback endpoints, right? Seems like that
>> >> should be something specific to UAC2. At least for now.
>> >
>> > It seems like it is needed there aswell, see
>> > http://www.usb.org/developers/docs/devclass_docs/audio10.pdf (
>> > (Feedback endpoint == Synch Endpoint)
>> fair enough, then it could be done generically in u_audio.c
> Ok, but I guess for the generic case (when it is possible to calculate
> the feedback value) that lower levels need to provide f.i. the high
> resolution timestamps of SOF IRQs to upper levels ? In the ALSA
> subsystem case, the calculation is straightforward and static.
> I don't know if you saw my proposal for a new UAC2 gadget upper level
> implementation, where the gadget should be exposed as a JACK
> client. In this case, there would be need for those SOF timestamps to
> be able to calculate the feedback value.

Enabling SOF interrupts will be a big pain :-) Well, enabling the
interrupt itself is a no-brainer, but it'll cause terrible CPU overload.

I haven't gone through the Audio spec to know what it is that the host
side is expecting from the feedback endpoint, but I'll try to do that
later today.


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