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> Oops, I just went back to the GNU site; wrong licence.
> The _X11_ licence is compatible with the GPL ...
> so what's the problem Juliusz? You won't be using GPL code from outside
> in luit so there's no 'infection'.

X11 license is compatible with the GPL.  This means X11-licensed softwares
can be used as a basis of GPL-ed softwares.  However, softwares of GNU
Project will have to be assigned to FSF.  (Note the difference between
merely GPL-ed softwares and GNU Project softwares.)  This FSF's way is
to guard itself legally.  Dual license will not help this situation.

OTOH, GPL-ed softwares cannot be included in XFree86 source tree, as
Juliusz said.

Thus, I think Juliusz's way (luit in X11 license) is reasonable.

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