On 15-9-2016 16:42, Dan Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> While refining NetworkManager's MAC address randomization behavior we
> came across two issues with brcmfmac:
> 1) when changing the MAC address, the driver schedules work for the new
> change and returns success, but doesn't actually change the MAC until
> the work is scheduled.  Because it returns 0 from the
> ndo_set_mac_address hook the net core will generate a NETDEV_CHANGEADDR
> event and rtnetlink will send out an RTM_NEWLINK with the old MAC
> address.  No event for the new address will be sent.  So it's pretty
> hard to figure out when the address actually changed, and when its safe
> to associate, without polling the device's MAC address.  Ugly.

And apparently unnecessary. I recalled we had this as the
ndo_set_mac_address callback could be called in atomic context. So we
are using a worker because we are grabbing a mutex upon sending the
control info to the device. Looking into the core network code it seems
the callback is not called in atomic context so it seems we can get rid
of the worker here. I made a patch

> 2) when closing the device (eg, set !IFF_UP) the driver unconditionally
> blocks for 500ms in __brcmf_cfg80211_down():
>       if (check_vif_up(ifp->vif)) {
>               brcmf_link_down(ifp->vif, WLAN_REASON_UNSPECIFIED);
>               /* Make sure WPA_Supplicant receives all the event
>                  generated due to DISASSOC call to the fw to keep
>                  the state fw and WPA_Supplicant state consistent
>                */
>               brcmf_delay(500);
>       }

This is actually a bogus delay as we are under an RTNL lock here so I
think the events will not go out until after the delay has finished. I
did submit a patch long ago removing this delay, but the change was not
accepted. Let me revisit that.

> Should I dump these into kernel bugzilla, or is there some internal bug
> tracker they could get stuffed into?

Kernel bugzilla is fine although I check it rather infrequently.


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