Igor Mitsyanko <igor.mitsyanko...@quantenna.com> writes:

> thank for review and sorry for long delays in replies. A parallel
> thread with Dave a discussion was initiated regarding HW platform
> samples availability. Current driver implementation supports a newer
> QSR10G platform, which availability is limited due to the platform
> still being in development stage. We're working on supporting
> Quantenna's current QSR1000 platform too, what would be the best
> approach to this:
> - have QSR1000 platform support ready, amend it to current patch and
> post it as a new patch revision (there should be a certain amount of
> new code);
> - have current patch accepted by community first, and then post a new
> patch (adding new platform support) one on top of it.

I prefer the latter option. Let's first try to get the driver applied
and then you can submit more features as followup patches.

Kalle Valo

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