Larry Finger <> writes:
> On 09/17/2016 03:59 PM, Jes Sorensen wrote:
>> Larry Finger <> writes:
>>> As soon as debugging is turned on, the logs are filled with messages
>>> reporting the interrupt status. As this quantity is usually zero, this
>>> output is not needed. In fact, there will be a report if the status is
>>> not zero, thus the debug line in question could probably be deleted.
>>> Rather than taking that action, I have changed it to only be printed
>>> when the RTL8XXXU_DEBUG_USB bit is set in the debug mask.
>> Wrong flag, please add a RTL8XXXU_DEBUG_INTERRUPT flag instead and use
>> that.
>> Which device do you see this with?
> OK. I will change the flag.
> I found this with a TP-Link TL-MN8200ND, which has some variant of the
> RTL8188CU chip. It transmits, but I see no evidence that the receiver
> is functioning at all. The same is true for driver rtl8192cu. Only the
> driver from Realtek's web site actually works.

I assume you mean TL-WN8200ND? That device is 'interesting' in the least
positive sense of the word. It seems abandoned by the manufacturer
too. I have one of them but never managed to get it working, not with
any driver under Linux nor Windows.

TP-Link shipped a driver disc with it, but you cannot install that in
any recent version of Windows because the OS ships with it's own driver
for the 8192cu/8188cu series and the device uses the common USB ID. I
have been meaning to see if I could find a box with Vista on it to
install their driver and run a USB trace on it.

> One other problem that I have found is that the debug option on module
> load seems to be ignored. So far, I've had to hard wire the
> flags. Once I find the reason, I'll send a patch for that as well.

That is odd - I use it regularly and haven't had problems with it.


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