On 09/19/2016 02:00 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:

Actually, can you apply the v2 (cfg80211: add bitrate for 20MHz MCS
9) of this? Systems guys confirmed they use MCS 9 @ 20MHz when LDPC
is enabled. Also confirmed bitrate should be ok.

I don't really understand that. How can the bitrate be "OK" when the
spec explicitly says it cannot be used?


I think it is a moot point as far as this change goes:  Regardless of whether
the NIC should or not, it _does_.  So, mis-reporting it up the stack only hides
the issue and does not even give the user a clue that on-the-air encoding may be
slightly off-spec.

If the on-air encoding is an issue, then we need to hack the firmware to
disable this 'feature', but that is a completely separate issue.

Once this patch goes in, someone might consider properly reporting CCK
rx rates for 5Ghz band too:  ath10k can do this 'feature' as well, at least
in some firmware.  Probably can reproduce by sending off-channel mgt frames on
5Ghz when associated on 2.4, or something similar to this.  I was using ath9k as
sniffer when I found this long ago, so at least ath9k needs the change....


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