"Franc[e]sco" <lolisamu...@waifu.club> writes:
> Hi, I happen to own a RTL8192EU WiFi dongle which is marked as untested
> by the rtl8xxxu driver.
> I'm on a linux from scratch system using kernel 4.7.3 and wpa_supplicant
> 2.5.
> The dongle appears to connect and work fine, but after around 10 minutes
> it deauthenticates and enters and endless loop of authentication
> timeout. This continues even if I bring the interface down and back up
> again. The only way to restore the connection is to physically remove
> and re-plug the usb dongle.
> I have attached a dmesg log of connecting and entering the auth loop.

Please provide details about the AP you are trying to connect to and iw
link output.


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