I looked at

It appearred to too complicated but

    # Create a network namespace and move one of interfaces into it:
      ip netns add test2
      ip link set wlan0 netns test2
    # Start a shell in the new namespace:
       ip netns exec test2 bash
    # Then proceed as if you had two machines. When finished exit the shell and
    # delete the namespace:
       ip netns del test2
Certainly looks interesting but after I got a
 RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument
I lost interest. My heart isn't in it. I'm still working on the firmware.  I
have started a new tree (tree #3) that consists of a userland firmware uploader
and until recently the following firmware:

app_start( void ) {}

i.e a lable that the code jumps to and nothing else. At this point I have
added VendorCommand(), and a debugger via ep0. ( ep0 is a good choice
since it is available a boot, no matter what) and over the next few
months I am going to move ->all<- the rom code into ram starting with
the USB subsystem.


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