Hi all,

I'm having issues with broadcom's latest firmware / driver, version Wireless is solid for about a minute, and then drops
completely. My research has led me to believe my chip (BCM4331) is no
longer supported under 6.30.X.X, or has a bug somewhere. I want to
roll back to the firmware that worked.

What I'm looking for is a file named broadcom-wl-6.20.*.*.tar.bz2. I
found my current firmware from http://www.lwfinger.com/b43-firmware/,
but 6.20.X.X is nowhere to be found. 5.100.X.X is there, but the 4331
definitely wasn't supported for that one.

Inside each of these archives on lwfinger is a file called wl_apsta.o,
where the firmware is extracted from.  Since b43-fwcutter only
extracts firmware from versions of wl_apsta.o that match specific
MD5's, I figure 6.20.X.X has to be out there somewhere.

More info can be found from my original post:

...and other people confrim 6.30.X.X being a problem in this ubuntu bug:

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be immensely grateful.

Thank you for your time,

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