On Mon, 2016-10-03 at 13:14 +0200, Michael Braun wrote:
> When using IEEE 802.11r FT OVER-DS roaming with AP_VLAN, hostapd
> needs to
> send out a frame using CMD_FRAME for a station assigned to an AP_VLAN
> interface.
> Right now, the userspace needs to give the exact AP_VLAN interface
> index
> for CMD_FRAME; hostapd does not do this. Additionally, userspace
> cannot
> use GET_STATION to query the AP_VLAN ifidx, as while GET_STATION
> finds
> stations assigned to AP_VLAN even if the AP iface is queried, it does
> not
> return AP_VLAN ifidx (it returns the queried one).
> This breaks IEEE 802.11r over_ds with vlans, as the reply frame does
> not
> get out. This patch fixes this by using get_sta_bss for CMD_FRAME.
Applied, thanks.


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