Larry Finger <> wrote:
> In commit d86e64768859 ("rtlwifi: rtl818x: constify local structures"),
> the configuration struct for most of the drivers was changed to be
> constant. The problem is that five of the modified drivers need to be
> able to update the firmware name based on the exact model of the card.
> As the file names were stored in one of the members of that struct,
> these drivers would fail with a kernel BUG splat when they tried to
> update the firmware name.
> Rather than reverting the previous commit, I used a suggestion by
> Johannes Berg and made the firmware file name pointers be local to
> the routines that update the software variables.
> The configuration struct of rtl8192cu, which was not touched in the
> previous patch, is now constantfied.
> Fixes: d86e64768859 ("rtlwifi: rtl818x: constify local structures")
> Suggested-by: Johannes Berg <>
> Signed-off-by: Larry Finger <>
> Cc: Stable <> # 4.8
> Cc: Julia Lawall <>

Patch applied to wireless-drivers.git, thanks.

cf4747d7535a rtlwifi: Fix regression caused by commit d86e64768859


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