On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 13:27 +0200, Paul Bolle wrote:
> Luca,
> On Thu, 2016-10-13 at 13:21 +0300, Luca Coelho wrote:
> > Could you please give this a spin? I have tested it with some handmade
> > ACPI tables in QEMU and it seems to work fine now.
> Tested-by: Paul Bolle <pebo...@tiscali.nl>
> Not that this test was worth a lot: it builds cleanly (on top of
> 4.8.1), the error at boot is gone, obviously, and wifi still works (as
> you're reading a message that was sent out over wifi). And I haven't
> even tested this on another machine than my XPS 13 (9350).

Thanks for testing!

I forgot to say... could you load the iwlwifi module with debug=0x01
(module parameter), so we can see the messages the driver is printing
when it doesn't find a proper structure?


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