Erik Stromdahl <> writes:

> This patch series is intended to prepare the ath6kl driver
> for newer chipsets that doesn't use the current WMI data
> endpoints for data traffic.
> The chipset I have been working with (and used for testing)
> is QCA6584. It is SDIO based (at least the variant I have
> been using) with 802.11p WAVE DSRC capabilities.
> This chipset is different from the AR600X family in that
> it does not use the WMI data services (service id's 0x101
> to 0x104 ) for data traffic.
> Instead it uses the HTT data service for data and wmi unified
> for control messages.
> It is also different when it comes to mailbox addresses
> and HTC header format as well, but these differences are not
> part of this patch series.

Do you have more patches implemented, like something already working or
have just started?

Kalle Valo

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