* Reizer, Eyal <ey...@ti.com> [170807 00:32]:
> The following commits:
> c815fde wlcore: spi: Populate config firmware data
> d776fc8 wlcore: sdio: Populate config firmware data
> Populated the nvs entry for wilink6 and wilink7 only while it is
> still needed for wilink8 as well.
> This broke user space backward compatibility when upgrading from older
> kernels, as the alternate mac address would not be read from the nvs that is
> present in the file system (lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin)
> causing mac address change of the wlan interface.
> This patch fix this and update the structure field with the same default
> nvs file name that has been used before.
> In addition, some distros hold a default wl1271-nvs.bin in the file
> system with a bogus mac address (deadbeef...) that for a wl18xx device
> also overrides the mac address that is stored inside the device.
> Warn users about this bogus mac address and use a random mac instead

Hmm looks pretty good to me except for one more thing I just noticed.

Why don't you just use the hardware mac address instead of a random
mac address on wl18xx device when you see a bogus nvs file?



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