On Mon, 2017-08-07 at 12:06 +0300, Kalle Valo wrote:
> Luca Coelho <l...@coelho.fi> writes:
> > Here are some pending mac80211 patches from our internal tree.
> > 
> > The "mac80211: add api to start ba session timer expired flow" patch
> > is needed by an iwlwifi patch that I want to send for -fixes, so it
> > would have to be applied to -fixes as well.
> We are getting to the later stages of the release cycle and I'm raising
> the bar for wireless-drivers even higher. How serious iwlwifi bug is
> that fixing?

The problem is a bad degradation in throughput with our new 9000 family
of devices because when aggregation times out we stop the aggregation
internally in the firmware but don't send a delba.  Then on the AP side,
 also with our driver, we don't handle the timeout as we should, so
aggregations the devices get out of sync and BA sessions are not
possible anymore, limiting our throughput to ~30Mbps, in some specific
internal tests.

> > Should I send a separate patchset with these two so they can be both
> > applied at the same time (either in the mac80211 or in
> > wireless-drivers tree)?
> Now that Johannes is away and I'm taking any urgent mac80211 patches, I
> think the best approach is that you include mac80211 patch in the same
> patchset as the iwlwifi patches destined for wireless-drivers.

Okay, if you think the (one-liner) iwlwifi driver fix is -rc'able, I'll
resend this in a patchset including both changes.


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