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On 08-08-17 08:21, Paolo Bettini wrote:
> Arend van Spriel ha scritto:
>> + linux-wireless On 07-08-17 21:38, Paolo Bettini wrote:
>>> Hi , i am Paolo and i installed Debian stretch on my ezbook2 . One
>>> problem is the wifi , the card a SDIO device , seems to be 02d0:a9a6
>>> linux id or Broadcom AP6212 for windows....i installed deb package
>>> firmware-brcm80211 and nvram sdio txt in /lib/firmware/brcm, reloaded
>>> bcrmfmac module but nothing the card seems invisible or dead i don't
>>> know if is a problem of firmware or my system cannot detect the sdio
>>> card ...do you know something about this problematic ?
>> As always a kernel log could help or output from dmesg command. Also
>> can you run following commands: $ ls /sys/bus/sdio/devices $ cat
>> /sys/bus/sdio/devices/*/modalias Regards, Arend
> paolo@paolo:~$ ls /sys/bus/sdio/devices
> mmc1:0001:1
> paolo@paolo:~$
> paolo@paolo:~$ cat /sys/bus/sdio/devices/*/modalias sdio:c07v024CdB723
> paolo@paolo:~$ sorry for previous mail ....ls was from another pc....:-[
> it seems the system see only the card where the system is installed

Hi Paolo,

Interesting. Now if Google search is correct the vendor id for this
device indicates this is a Realtek (v024C) WLAN (c07) device. So what
makes you say its linux id is 02d0:a9a6?

In upstream linux I do not see any SDIO device drivers in realtek
folder. Maybe Larry can provide clue/hint if a driver for this device is
publicly available somewhere.


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