I'm having a hard time to figure out why RTS/CTS are happening in my network.
In a nutshell, I'm using two identical OpenWRT routers to stablish a
WDS link (4address mode) in 5GHz, with no other client nor AP in 5GHz.
The problem is, a great amount of bandwidth is being consumed by

The point is, I'm pretty sure RTS threshold is disabled (set to -1);
I've checked in hostapd configuration, as well as in the debugfs of
the phy itself, being reported as -1.

The device in question is TPLINK WDR4300, radio device AR9582
(168c:0033, subsystem 168c:a120), using driver ath9k. I'm using
current LEDE 17.01.2, r3435-65eec8bd5f, kernel 4.4.71.

I'm able to see RTS/CTS over the air (using Wireshark in a third
device), but i can as well see an increasing number in
If I set RTS threshold (using iw, checking its value in debugfs) to a
very low number (e.g. 50) I can see the counter increasing quite

I'm not sure if this is the expected behaviour (e.g. the underlying
hardware is deciding by its own to do some RTS/CTS) or it is a bug.

Can I make some further testing to clarify this?


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