> >
> Sure, just want to make sure we are not trying to add work around just for
> A couple of faulty devices.
> > > I have verified using a couple of com6 modules with an am335x-evm and
> > they had mac addresses read ok.
> >
> > Sounds like there are multiple variants of the wl12xx
> > available then.
> >
> I am trying to find out internally if there is a possibility that there were
> devices
> Produced in the past where the internal fuses were not programmed with a
> valid
> Address before being assembled into the modules.

Seems like MAC address for wilink6/7 was added to devices that were produced  
around Q3 of 2010 
In case you still have this omap3-evm up and can just do a quick check for me 
as I don't have this board, can you try using the following command:

cat /sys/bus/platform/drivers/wl12xx_driver/wl12xx.0.auto/hw_pg_ver

and let me know what the output you get is?

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