Andreas Born <> writes:

> Earlier today I submitted the patch (bonding: require speed/duplex
> only for 802.3ad, alb and tlb) [2] that only partially reverts what is
> a regression following my aforementioned logic. This seems to me like
> the best solution in the short term since it should satisfy both
> usergroups represented by Mahesh and James and restores consistence
> with the bonding documentation. James already commented approvingly on
> that patch in the bug report. [3]
> Regards
> Andreas
> [1]

Great, thanks.

I'll take it the patch is meant for net tree (and not net-next) so that
it will be fixed for v4.13? Also it should backported to v4.12 stable
tree. I don't see any mention of that in the patch submission and that's
why I'm asking.

Kalle Valo

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