Ben Greear <> writes:

> On 02/01/2018 02:47 PM, Johannes Berg wrote:
>> On Thu, 2018-02-01 at 23:40 +0100, Johannes Berg wrote:
>>> The code does a plain rcu_dereference(), no locking other than
>>> rcu_read_lock() involved.
>>> On second thought though, I'm not convinced that your modifications
>>> caused the problem.
>>> Given your call stack, we'd expect rcu_read_lock() somewhere around
>>> ath_tid_dequeue (or its caller(s)), since ieee80211_tx_dequeue clearly
>>> requires it.
>>> Normally, ieee80211_tx_dequeue() is called from various places that
>>> probably come from mac80211 and already hold the rcu_read_lock(), e.g.
>>> the wake_tx_queue op.
>>> In this case, you're coming from drv_sta_state, so not sure why the
>>> driver thinks it's OK to call the dequeue there.
>> Just to clarify - it could just be that in the "normal" case, when a
>> station dies, there's nothing on the queues - so the dequeue just
>> doesn't do anything and never goes into the code path where the
>> rcu_dereference() is, hence it might be a bug in mainline that just
>> never triggers in ordinary scenarios.
> It looks like the code in ath9k has not been changed in that area for
> some time.

Hmm, I think the issue here is that after the switch to mac80211 txqs,
the driver is now draining mac80211 queues, whereas before it was only
draining its own driver-internal queues (which are protected by the
ath_txq_lock() that ath_tx_node_cleanup() does grab). And when the
switch to the mac80211 queues happened, a call to rcu_read_lock() should
have been added. But, well, I had no idea this was needed until just
now, so obviously I didn't add that... :)

> Would adding rcu_read_lock in drv_sta_state() be a possibility?

Think it should probably just be added in ath_tx_node_cleanup()? Can
send a patch...


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