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I'm curious about the "WiFi Aware" initiative by the WiFi Alliance.

Does LEDE and/or Linux support this protocol? I know gSupplicant is potentially 
the way such things are supposed to work, at least according to its supporters.

The general NAN (Neighborhood-Aware-Networking) concept makes a lot of sense at 
one level, but as an Internet guy, it troubles me that they decided to split 
from the Internet and go a balkanized direction. To me, the neighborhood is 
interesting only as part of a larger Internet.

It also troubles me that WiFi Aware is a "certification program" rather than a 
real standard, and has serious problems with supporting Internet. But there will be 
devices that  require it.

if i read carefully about wifi-aware i just can say that i hope it will never be supported by any party. this is is no service. this is a spy application

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