On 02/02/2018 10:45 PM, Pkshih wrote:
On Fri, 2018-02-02 at 14:13 -0600, Larry Finger wrote:
On 02/02/2018 01:50 AM, Pkshih wrote:
Hi James,
In my experiment, unaligned-word-access may get wrong values that
are different from the value by byte-access. Actually, it can simply
verified by using 'lspci' to check PCI configuration space.
DBI read 0x70f:
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1127 r8 0x34f = 0x0017
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1131 r8 0x350 = 0x000c
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1136 r16 0x350 = 0xffff
DBI read 0x719:
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1127 r8 0x34d = 0x0000
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1131 r8 0x34e = 0x0002
_rtl8821ae_dbi_read:1136 r16 0x34e = 0x0200
According to the wrong and original value of 0x70f is 0xff, I think
larger L1 latency 0x70f[5:3] may be helpful. Please help to try
below patch. If it works, quirk table won't be necessary.
PK diff --git a/rtl8821ae/hw.c b/rtl8821ae/hw.c
index 7d43ba002..e53af06ed 100644
--- a/rtl8821ae/hw.c
+++ b/rtl8821ae/hw.c
@@ -1123,7 +1123,8 @@ static u8 _rtl8821ae_dbi_read(struct rtl_priv *rtlpriv, 
u16 addr)
        if (0 == tmp) {
                read_addr = REG_DBI_RDATA + addr % 4;
-               ret = rtl_read_word(rtlpriv, read_addr);
+               ret = rtl_read_byte(rtlpriv, read_addr);
        return ret;
@@ -1165,7 +1166,7 @@ static void _rtl8821ae_enable_aspm_back_door(struct 
ieee80211_hw *hw)
    tmp = _rtl8821ae_dbi_read(rtlpriv, 0x70f);
-       _rtl8821ae_dbi_write(rtlpriv, 0x70f, tmp | BIT(7));
+       _rtl8821ae_dbi_write(rtlpriv, 0x70f, tmp | BIT(7) | 0x38);
    tmp = _rtl8821ae_dbi_read(rtlpriv, 0x719);
        _rtl8821ae_dbi_write(rtlpriv, 0x719, tmp | BIT(3) | BIT(4));


This patch works perfectly on my x86_64 system. With it, the interface handled a
10 million count flood ping with <1000 packets dropped. It has now been running
for at least 11 hours. Good work.

Can you explain that magic 0x38? I'm quite sure that Kalle will not accept the
patch as is. He already thinks that rtlwifi and friends already have too many
magic numbers.

The magic 0x38 represents L1 latency 0x70f[5:3]=b'111, and I will add definition
or macro to describe
0x70f and move all ASPM code into pci.c, if the problem was
solved. Hence, rtl8723de and rtl8723be
will use the same values, too.

Could you also help to test L1 latency as recommended value b'100?
(i.e. 0x20 instead)

I have run several tests with the following results:

b'010           Failed very quickly
b'100           Did not fail, but the ping test had errors
b'110           No failure and no errors

My tests seem to indicate that we should use at least 0x30 in the field, and perhaps we should stay at b'111 or 0x38.

To fix the current alignment errors for ARM architecture, I will push a patch for mainline and stable that fixes rtl8821ae. Then you can do the patch that moves all ASPM code into pci.c.


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