Hello Arend,

Thanks for review.

> > Check that firmware exists prior to starting firmware download.
> Why would you do that? It seems expensive given that you obtain the
> firmware and discard it immediately just to check it exists. Especially,
> given that such a call can take 60 seconds to complete depending on
> kernel config.
> Apart from that see minor comment below although I would seriously
> reconsider this patch altogether.

The idea behind this approach is simple: to quit early and to avoid starting
asynchronous card boot if no firmware file exists. However I didn't realize that
such a long delay may occur. What makes me worried is that the worst case
scenario may happen if firmware actually exists: we make two calls of
request_firmware, each of them taking long time.

I agree that it makes a lot of sense to reimplement this approach requesting
firmware only once. Will do for v2.


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