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> On Mon, 2018-01-29 at 11:26 +0800, wrote:
>> From: Ping-Ke Shih <>
>> I continue to submit more materials needed by 8822be. A special patch is
>> "PATCH 10/10" that add new files to support 8822be btcoex in case wifi
>> only. In my plan, 8822be btcoex for combo card will be sumitted in next
>> patchset.
>> v2: Add 'Acked-by: Larry Finger' if the commits are acked
>>     Use '' to replace verbose 'if...else if...else if...else'
>>     Use extern declaration to quiet sparse warnings
>> Ping-Ke Shih (10):
>>   rtlwifi: enable mac80211 fast-tx support
>>   rtlwifi: Add Support VHT to spec_ver
>>   rtlwifi: Use 6 bits as sequence number of TX report
>>   rtlwifi: Extend tx_power_by_rate_offset size for newer IC
>>   rtlwifi: Add rate section and its related definition and comment
>>   rtlwifi: Fix VHT NSS in RC
>>   rtlwifi: add definition radio_mask for RF and maximum bandwidth
>>   rtlwifi: add efuse ops for other components
>>   rtlwifi: btcoex: add routine to set default port id
>>   rtlwifi: btcoex: Add 8822be btcoex supported files for wifi only


> Do you have any comment with this patchset that is pending for 2 weeks?

Normally I don't review or apply patches during when the merge window is
open, only exception being important fixes going to wireless-drivers

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