James Hogan <jho...@kernel.org> writes:

> Hi Adric,
> On Mon, Feb 05, 2018 at 01:23:31PM -0500, Adric Blake wrote:
>> In the time between Linux 4.15-rc8 and -rc9, my wireless driver, b43,
>> would no longer load automatically. When I modprobe the b43 (and ssb)
>> modules, the device still didn't appear in NetworkManager. Comparing
>> the kernel logs between working (4.14.16-lts) and nonworking (4.15)
>> kernels reveals that there is zero output from the ssb module, and no
>> devices recognized by the b43 driver:
> ...
>> I had my suspicions at this point, but I had a lull and decided to
>> bisect it anyways.
>> I bisected to this "first bad commit:"
>> commit 58eae1416b804d900014d84feadda7195007cc30
>> Author: James Hogan <jho...@kernel.org>
>> Date:   Mon Jan 15 21:17:14 2018 +0000
>>     ssb: Disable PCI host for PCI_DRIVERS_GENERIC
> Yes, really sorry about that and thanks for going to the effort of
> bisecting. There is a patch here:
> https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10185397/
> which is applied to linux-next as commit
> a9e6d44ddeccd3522670e641f1ed9b068e746ff7, and is tagged for stable,
> though I've just noticed the stable email address is incorrect... I'll
> make sure it gets applied to the 4.15 stable branch though as soon as
> I notice its merged.

The commit is now in v4.16-rc1.

Kalle Valo

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