Hi Linux Wireless driver maintainers,

I'm giving a talk at ELC NA next month in Portland and I'd like a
little help from our other driver maintainers. The talk is titled:
"Reliable Linux Wireless - Techniques for Debugging Wireless Module
Integrations". While I'm familiar with a fairly wide variety of WiFi
chips and adapters and drivers, I don't know them all. I will speak
from my experience and I'm sure I won't have time to get into the
detailed ins-and-outs of every driver, but I'd love to include value
for everyone no matter which wifi chip vendor the audience member is

So, if you have any specific tips or tricks you'd like to share with
me so I can include them in the materials for my talk I would
appreciate it.  I'm looking for those harder to find things: the
little known debugfs knobs, module parameters, device tree bindings,
and so on. Or, those things that are are common tripping up points.
Anything you find useful or think others might.

Also, part of my talk will be about how to reach out to those of us on
the list for help. We all know the calls for help come to us in
varying quality and I'd like to explain all the stuff to do first and
all the information to gather and send to us as they reach out. So
please send me any thoughts on what you'd like to see in the emails
when people ask for help.

You're welcome to do it on-list if you desire to elicit discussion,
but in order to keep the noise down feel free to reply to me directly

For those that are not of the maintainer types that happen to be on
this list, if you're looking for help or tips and tricks, please
attend my talk at ELC or otherwise come and find me. All are welcome.

- Steve

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