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> On 02/14/2018 03:30 AM, Johannes Berg wrote:
>> On Wed, 2018-02-14 at 10:55 +0000, Mickaël PANNEQUIN wrote:
>>> Do you know the limit of the number of users connected at the same
>>> time on the wifi? Works fine with 14 connected devices but not more.
>>> How to increase it?
>> You can't.
>>> This limit is hardware?
>> More or less, yes. The HW/FW can support 16 STAs, but needs two for
>> other bookkeeping.
> As a general question, is there a standard way to determine this limit for
> any particular hardware?

Yes, but there's no easy way. Put it in AP mode and connect clients to
it until it starts rejecting new clients or dropping the old ones.
Usually while watching it with a sniffer. That's how I've always had
to do it.

Different chips will have different limits, and there's no reliable
way to determine the limit across all chips other than trial and
error. It seems a common desire of people to try to use client chips
as poor-man APs. While it will work for very limited number of
clients, they're not intended as AP chips. If you want something to
work as an AP, I recommend you choose an AP chip.

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