Hello Kalle,

> > Friendly advice: you may want to avoid using this footer in emails on
> > the kernel.org mailing lists.
> Indeed. Most of the time I don't even reply to mails with such
> disclaimers and patches containing that will be automatically dropped.

Based on our previous experience we already know that sending patches from
our 'normal' emails with disclaimer is being frowned upon. So all the
patches are being sent from 'oss' emails. But so far we had impression
that participating in further discussion was allowed even from email
addresses with disclaimer.

If this is a problem, we will do the following. Patches will be posted
from 'oss' emails, and authors will participate in discussions from
their personal emails for the time being. Meanwhile we will work with
our management to get 'oss' emails for all the engineers in the team.


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