> >>adds also debugfs interface for gpio control.
> >Hi Sebastian,
> >
> >I just noticed this patch and have one question. It seems you register
> >GPIO chip and that WiFi LED is controller by a GPIO. Shouldn't you use
> >leds-gpio driver and just register platform device with
> >gpio_led_platform_data? That way you could avoid some code duplication
> >I think? It seems to be the purpose of leds-gpio driver.

> leds-gpio is crap and limited. you can just register one platform data at
> kernel runtime since its identified by its object name "led-gpio" but the
> kernel forbidds to register 2 platform datas with the same name
> consider the ar71xx devices with qca988x wifi chipsets. they all have
> already a led platform data registered
> at boottime. a second can't be registered anymore so gpio_led is useless at
> all for most developers on such platforms. its mainly used for early kernel
> platform data initialisation for system leds.

If leds-gpio has limitations, please fix those, rather then
introducing duplicated code.

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