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Perhaps we can set some sort of flag in the driver that says "don't use
QoS" frames. In fact, ath9k already says it doesn't like QoS frames:
-               skb = ieee80211_nullfunc_get(sc->hw, vif, false);
so which place creates them?

Thy only place I see QoS frames created is net/mac80211/mlme.c:899 on master, in ieee80211_send_nullfunc, where the "true" flag was added by commit 7b6ddeaf27ec ("mac80211: use QoS NDP for AP probing"):

skb = ieee80211_nullfunc_get(&local->hw, &sdata->vif, true);

This enables QoS for any driver, including those that do not like QoS frames. I guess this gets called in response to a beacon, which would explain the intermittent nature of the failure.

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