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On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 09:50:00PM +0300, Emil Karlson wrote:
> Greetings
> After upgrading my ap running rt2800usb to linux-5.3-rc1 I noticed an
> unusual problem of not being able to connect to my ap with my android
> devices (nexus7/flo and nexus5x/bullhead), from tcpdump it seemed ap
> was receiving packets from the android devices after successful
> association, but android devices were not seeing the dhcp replies.
> I reverted drivers/net/wireless/ralink to the state it is in v5.2.8 and
> android clients can connect again normally. I did not explicitly set
> watchdog parameter to any value.
> Do you have any insights or is this already fixed?

Most likely is not fixed. We have those new commits in 5.3:

41a531ffa4c5 rt2x00usb: fix rx queue hang
0f47aeeada2a rt2800: do not enable watchdog by default
e403fa31ed71 rt2x00: add restart hw
710e6cc1595e rt2800: do not nullify initialization vector data
09db3b000619 rt2800: add pre_reset_hw callback
759c5b599cf4 rt2800: initial watchdog implementation
2034afe4db4a rt2800: add helpers for reading dma done index
9f3e3323e996 rt2x00: allow to specify watchdog interval

Most suspicious are 710e6cc1595e and 41a531ffa4c5 .

Could you test by reverting one single commit on 5.3
(first 710e6cc1595e and if that not help 41a531ffa4c5)
and check if it makes the problem gone?


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