Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:

Here is the next 5.2.x stable update "extension" primarily created for
the Yocto project, as the next v5.2.x post-EOL release.

The content is from an audit of what went into the v5.4.25 to v5.4.29
releases - plus any upstream commits listed as Fixes: for backports in
the above v5.4.x content, and a few upstream commits for recent CVE.

There are just under 500 commits deployed here that were applicable for
this v5.2.41 release.

RCU got a change post-v5.2 (28875945ba98) that allowed an optional 4th
argument to some list-rcu functions for educating lockdep against false
positives.  Since we were up to at least four "Fixes:" commits relying
on this, I decided it would be worthwhile to put in, hence the RCU
commits early in the series, in case anyone was wondering.  Actual RCU
functionality itself should remain unchanged.

I've put this 5.2.41 queue through my normal testing, with build tests
on x86-64/32, ARM-64/32, PPC and MIPS, plus some static analysis and
finally some sanity runtime tests on x86-64 (raw + qemu/KVM).

Please find tag v5.2.41 (beb207285e791a8712f10b0d2f8fa880f9d1e10e) as
the current head of linux-5.2.y branch in the repo in the
directory here:

for merge to standard/base in linux-yocto-5.2 and then out from there
into the other base and BSP branches.

For those who are interested, the evolution of the commits is here:

This repo isn't needed for anything; it just exists for transparency and
so people can see the evolution of the raw commits that were originally
selected to create this 5.2.x release.

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