On 10/12/2016 06:55 PM, California Sullivan wrote:
These patches fix most of the configcheck warnings we see with the 4.8 kenel.
There are still a couple that I haven't decided how to solve yet, but it gets
most of them.

With intel-quark we get:

Config: CONFIG_INV_MPU6050_I2C
Requested value:  CONFIG_INV_MPU6050_I2C=m
Actual value:

Due to a missing I2C_MUX dependency on a driver enabled in iio.cfg. In other
BSPs this dependency is satisfied automatically through a select, and I just
haven't decided the appropriate place for this yet.

Config: CONFIG_BMP280
Requested value:  # CONFIG_BMP280 is not set
Actual value:

Because BMP280 depends on !BMP085 which is used in in bosch-pressure-sensor-i2c
and BMP280 is enabled in iio.cfg. Previously this warning complained about
BMP280 not getting enabled, so I added "# CONFIG_BMP280 is not set" to the
bosch settings, giving us a less scary warning message.

With intel-core2-32 or intel-corei7-64 preempt-rt builds we get:

Requested value:  CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGER_CPU=y
Actual value:

 From leds.cfg, included in intel-common-drivers (and thus all intel-* BSPs),
trying to enable LEDS_TRIGGER_CPU when it depends on !PREEMPT_RT_BASE. Fixing
this one could be uglier.

With intel-corei7-64 and intel-core2-32 standard builds, we get no warnings!

Let me know if you have any feedback or need to make changes to this patch set.

They look sane to me. I've merged the changes, and SRCREV updates are to



California Sullivan (2):
   features: Fix configcheck warnings in features used by intel-core*
   features: Fix configcheck warnings in features used by intel-quark

  features/iio/iio.cfg                        | 4 ++++
  features/mei/mei-me.cfg                     | 2 +-
  features/misc/bosch-pressure-sensor-i2c.cfg | 3 ++-
  features/nfc/nfc-vendor.cfg                 | 2 ++
  features/soc/x1000/x1000.cfg                | 7 -------
  features/thermal/coretemp.cfg               | 2 +-
  6 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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