[Re: v4.18.x - stable updates comprising v4.18.42] On 25/08/2019 (Sun 22:10) 
Bruce Ashfield wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 10:14 AM Paul Gortmaker
> <paul.gortma...@windriver.com> wrote:
> >
> > Bruce, Yocto kernel folks:
> >
> > Here is the next 4.18.x stable update "extension" primarily created
> > for the Yocto project, continuing from the previous v4.18.41 release.


> Hey Paul,
> I was merging this tonight and ran into a nasty -rt merge conflict in
> kernel/irq_work.c. Can you take a look and send a resolution ? When I
> compared the 4.19-rt and 5.x-rt branches, I didn't see an obvious way
> to resolve things.

So it might not have been obvious, but there is a 4.19-rt resolution
buried in there in linux-stable-rt

    commit e51f31ad716a485ed5bada8d367df60d6a99b9ac
    Merge: 3cfcdc4d74dc 0df021b2e841
    Author: Steven Rostedt (VMware) <rost...@goodmis.org>
    Date:   Fri Jun 14 12:54:23 2019 -0400
        Merge tag 'v4.19.47' into v4.19-rt
        This is the 4.19.47 stable release

...and since the 4.18.42 irq_work.c is identical to 4.19.47, we can just
re-use Steve's conflict resolution by wholesale importing the 4.19-rt
version of his file after his merge.

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