In message: [PATCH 0/2 v5.2] Add the RT support for the cn96xx
on 19/09/2019 Kevin Hao wrote:

> From: Kevin Hao <>
> This patch series adds the RT support for the Marvell cn96xx SoC. It
> includes the kernel and kernel cache patches. All the kernel patches
> except the following have already been merged into the v5.2/standard/cn96xx 
> branch.
> 1. The patch 77eaa178a3f8 ("mmc: cavium: Drop the aligned check for the dma 
> address")
>    This is a new patch and also has been sent to the linux-yocto for the
>    merging into v5.2/standard/cn96xx branch.
> 2. The patch 088d9e94823e ("arm64: Enlarge the FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER on the 
> Cavium SoC for RT:)
>    This is a workaround for the bootloader setting a too big coheret_pool
>    for the kernel.

My tree was in a slightly different state, so it was easier for me
to manually create the new branch, and then merge the standard kernel
BSP into it.

That included the patch you sent earlier, and I've cherry picked the
other from your github branch.



> Thanks,
> Kevin
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