I agree, though I like the Ottawa JavaScript group's slack channel.

How do you feel about groups.io https://groups.io/ ?
Cheers -- Rick

On November 9, 2019 8:52:15 AM EST, Dianne Skoll <dia...@skoll.ca> wrote:
>On 11/9/19 6:10 AM, Jeff Green wrote:
>> Is there a Slack Channel for the group?  If not, would there be
>> in making one?
>There is an IRC channel:  #oclug on OFTC.NET
>I'm now going to go on a rant. :)
>I would not be interested in a Slack channel.  IRC is open-source with
>an open protocol; Slack is closed-source with a closed protocol.  I
>don't think OCLUG should be in the business of promoting closed source
>or closed protocols.
>Slack has discontinued options for using open protocols.
>You can't log in to Slack as more than one user at a time.  This is
>particularly annoying if you have a work Slack channel and also want
>personal Slack channels open at the same time.  This is not an issue
>IRC clients.
>I mean, sure, you can't easily send an animated GIF of a cat chasing a
>pointer over IRC, but to me the lack of bullshit like that is a good
>End rant.
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