pretty sure i know there's no elegant way to do this, but i want a
general solution to this:

starting with this:

        master ---A---B---C
        feature1    D---E---F
        feature2              G---H

i want to get here:

        master ---A---B---C
        feature1            D'--E'--F'
        feature2                      G'--H'

at the moment, i have a sizable collection of branches all falling off
a single branch that originated from an earlier release of software,
and i simply want to rebase it all against a newer release.

  one solution is given at that link:

  $ git rebase master feature1
  $ git rebase --onto feature1 feature1@{1} feature2

but that clearly involves manually dealing with each branch and
sub-branch. i'm assuming there is no inherent git command that will
solve the general case, but i suspect at least one person has written
some sort of script that does this.




Robert P. J. Day                                 Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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