Clonezilla has turned out to be a VERY good idea. I've restored the
saved disk image and have a working Win10 again, even though I wanted to
have dual boot.

So the value add for Clonezilla is safety. Esp. as the Windows Recovery USB 
to work as advertised. I can now start over with install and try to see what is
failing to click. This is the first time in many Mint installs that I've had any
problems. For info, clonezilla iso is about 275MB and the interface, though a 
clunky, works fine, though the messages are quite long and need to be read 

In another post, Alex pointed to a bug report concerning block size warning for
USB keys built with Startup disk creator.
I use dd sometimes, though I find mintstick friendlier, and I've tried some 
tools. However, I've just found reports that mintstick gives same error, even
though it is a different beast. Source is on github. As there seem to be people
claiming each of USB-creator, mintstick and unetbootin are all "best", looks 
there's material for a good talk here, but perhaps only if someone has good info
on the chips inside different USBs.

Thanks also for link to,
which I shall have to read carefully. Afraid as "user" rather than "developer", 
prefer most of this was under the hood.

I definitely agree with Alex (and many others) that grub could be much more

I'll report back when I figure out this machine ....


On 2018-02-19 04:10 PM, Alex Pilon wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 10:51:30AM -0500, J C Nash wrote:
>> Also downloaded Clonezilla clonezilla-live-20170905-zesty-amd64.iso and used 
>> mintstick tool
>> to install on a USB key (only uses about 275 MB). This is in the alternate
>> repository for Clonezilla and allows UEFI booting. The regular "stable" 
>> choice did not
>> boot.
> What's the value-add for Clonezilla again?
>> Unless I'm really mis-reading this, I've got 4 primary partitions, so need to
>> convert one to Extended/Logical. Some forum comments say this can be risky.
> Yeah, even though Scott did point out that it's GPT so it doesn't apply
> here. Do you want me or need me to explain it to you *particular* detail
> rather than hand-waving?
>> Does anyone have recommendations or experience?
> Not me. Avoided the problem.
>> - In linux there appears to be fixparts from
> Haven't had a need for gdisk over fdisk in ages… but then again I was
> using it on Arch, from a util-linux that was up to date.^1
> And I can never figure out why Mint builds dmesg and fdisk without the
> colours… or if it was that out of date. Is it better now?
> [^1]: Besides, it's fun to make protective MBRs under GPT manually in
>       fdisk. Heh.
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