Hi there,

Would anyone know why I am getting the following error message in
`dmesg` on my PowerMac/Mac Mini G4:

[    2.090226] PowerMac i2c bus pmu 2 registered
[    2.095691] PowerMac i2c bus pmu 1 registered
[    2.101016] PowerMac i2c bus mac-io 0 registered
[    2.106135] PowerMac i2c bus uni-n 1 registered
[    2.111094] i2c i2c-3: i2c-powermac: modalias failure on
[    2.116261] PowerMac i2c bus uni-n 0 registered

Looking at the code I see:

static bool i2c_powermac_get_type(struct i2c_adapter *adap,
                                            struct device_node *node,
                                            u32 addr, char *type, int type_size)
        dev_err(&adap->dev, "i2c-powermac: modalias failure"
                " on %s\n", node->full_name);
        return false;

However I also do see the 'cereal' should be part of the 'supported' one:

static u32 i2c_powermac_get_addr(struct i2c_adapter *adap,
                                           struct pmac_i2c_bus *bus,
                                           struct device_node *node)
        /* Now handle some devices with missing "reg" properties */
        if (!strcmp(node->name, "cereal"))
                return 0x60;

I would appreciate if someone could confirm this case could be handle
by `i2c-powermac` before filling a bug report.


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