On Tue, 2016-13-09 at 06:40:07 UTC, Balbir Singh wrote:
> __tlbie and __tlbiel are out of sync. __tlbie does the right thing
> it calls tlbie with "tlbie rb, L" if CPU_FTR_ARCH_206 (cpu feature) is clear
> and with "tlbie rb" otherwise. During the cleanup of __tlbiel I noticed
> that __tlbiel was setting bit 11 PPC_BIT(21) independent of the ISA
> version for non-4k (L) pages. This patch fixes that issue. It also changes
> the current PPC_TLBIEL to PPC_TLBIEL_5 and introduces a new PPC_TLBIEL similar

This should give more description of what the problem is, ie. we're setting a
bit in the instruction which is reserved on some processors, before talking
about the solution or what tlbie does.
> The arguments to PPC_TLBIE have also been changed/switched in order
> to be consistent with the actual assembly usage for clearer reading
> of code.

The whole thing should be split in 3 patches:

One which fixes the buglet where we set L=1 on 2.06 and 2.07.
One which renames PPC_TLBIEL() to PPC_TLBIEL_5().
One which switches the order of the arguments to PPC_TLBIEL().

Also do we even need a macro for the two argument form? We've had uses of the
two argument tlbie since 2011, so I suspect the assembler will happily accept


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