On 19/10/16 14:15, Nicholas Piggin wrote:
> Direct banches from code below __end_interrupts to code above
> __end_interrupts when built with CONFIG_RELOCATABLE are disallowed
> because they will break when the kernel is not located at 0.
> Sample output:
>     WARNING: Unrelocated relative branches
>     c000000000000118 bl-> 0xc000000000038fb8 <pnv_restore_hyp_resource>
>     c00000000000013c b-> 0xc0000000001068a4 <kvm_start_guest>
>     c000000000000148 b-> 0xc00000000003919c <pnv_wakeup_loss>
>     c00000000000014c b-> 0xc00000000003923c <pnv_wakeup_noloss>
>     c0000000000005a4 b-> 0xc000000000106ffc <kvmppc_interrupt_hv>
>     c000000000001af0 b-> 0xc000000000106ffc <kvmppc_interrupt_hv>
>     c000000000001b24 b-> 0xc000000000106ffc <kvmppc_interrupt_hv>
>     c000000000001b58 b-> 0xc000000000106ffc <kvmppc_interrupt_hv>
> Signed-off-by: Nicholas Piggin <npig...@gmail.com>
> ---

If this is the same script I gave you, you can add my SOB line as well


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