On Fri, 04 Aug 2017 21:54:57 +0200
Andreas Schwab <sch...@linux-m68k.org> wrote:

> No, this is really a 4.13-rc1 regression.
> Andreas.

SLB miss with MSR[RI]=0 on

lbz     r0,THREAD+THREAD_LOAD_FP(r7)

Caused by bc4f65e4cf9d6cc43e0e9ba0b8648cf9201cd55f

Hmm, I'll see if something can be done, but that MSR_RI stuff in syscall
exit makes things fairly difficult (and will reduce performance improvement
of this patch anyway).

I'm trying to work to a point where we have a soft-RI bit for these kinds of
uses that would avoid all this complexity. Until then it may be best to
just revert this patch.

Thanks for the report

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