Daniel Axtens <d...@axtens.net> writes:

> Currently, we do a PCI fixup to mark a default card so that Xorg
> autoconfiguration works.
> There is a new generic method to do this sort of vga fixup, and
> it occurs by default.
> Drop our old method.
> This method is different:
>  - it will only mark a card as default if a driver is bound
>  - the marking will happen at late_initcall time, or even later
>    if a card is enabled later on (via an ENABLE hook). Currently
>    things are enabled in a FINAL hook.
> This *does* change behaviour under some circumstances.
> For example, pseries_le_defconfig doesn't have DRM drivers for
> many of the qemu GPU models, including the 'standard' vga.

Should we enable them/it?


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