Christophe LEROY <> writes:
> At least it is correct for the ones that use regular pages, and kernel 
> can also be started with nobats or noltlbs at command line, in which 
> case it is usefull to have the page tables correct.

Yep OK.

>> So yes we *should* always mark it no-execute but in practice we can't
>> because it's not page aligned.
> On 32 bit it seems to always be aligned to the normal page size, so no 
> problem.
>> But if that's different on (some?) 32-bit then we could introduce a new
>> CONFIG symbol that is enabled in the right cases.
> For the time being, I have added an "|| CONFIG_PPC32 " on the ifdef, is 
> that OK ?
> See

Yeah looks fine.


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